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The Telarus Innovation Conference group enables technology professionals to maximize their profit potential through innovative business development ideas for their company. Hosted by Telarus in conjunction with suppliers, the event focuses on overcoming the real-world challenges of establishing a recurring-revenue UC, SD-WAN, and cloud practice. Featuring an interactive video case study with hands-on lab time, you will learn how to use our tools and resources to take back to your business. Come with your laptop and Telarus App ready to work and leave with a Telarus Tools Certification that gets you entered into a $1,000 gift card drawing!

Featured Speakers
Adam Edwards CEO - Telarus
Patrick Oborn Co-Founder - Telarus
Roger Blohm EVP and President - VXSuite
Scott Forbush SVP of Sales - Telarus

Learn to leverage analytics to overcome the real-world challenges of establishing a profitable hosted voice practice

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